Meet the Good Neighbours

A Good Neighbour is a family run business who are looking to support those who need some extra help in their daily lives. A Good Neighbour understands that sometimes we just need an extra hand to help make our day easier and make them more meaningful. The heart of the service is help you find a Good Neighbour who can support you and to build a trusting relationship with you.

Our Good Neighbours are here as a helping hand for you.

The Team

Meet the Macey’s…

Mike and Sadhna are the Senior’s of A Good Neighbour. Over their years of experience working in the healthcare sector they discovered that they wanted to help others in a more meaningful way. They wanted to open up their own family and hearts to help people in their own homes and lives to make it easier and to enable people to enjoy the better things in life.

Mike’s inspiration for founding the business happened when he met a lady who said her friend used to drive her to her appointments and now that she uses a wheeler her friend could not fit it in her car. She did not want to use a taxi as she was anxious and would rather have a friend help her.

This is where Mike realised how it would be good if she could have a service just like her friend to help her or like a nice neighbour next-door who can give her a lift.

Annya Hustwayte

Good Neighbour

Annya has spent much of her career working as a care assistant in care homes specialising in Nursing and Dementia.  Annya has a young family who she loves raising and taking care of.  Annya is a lovely Good Neighbour who is caring and wants to make those around her smile.

Nina Clark

Good Neighbour

Nina has worked in Domiciliary care helping to care for people in their own home. Nina enjoys and has a passion for helping people, she also cares for her grandma. Nina is an amazing Good Neighbour as she likes to socialise and help people and loves animals and cooking.

Shaun Payne

Good Neighbour

Shaun has experience working as in a care home and then spent time working as a taxi driver. Shaun enjoys raising his young family and loves his dog. Shaun is a great Good Neighbour as he is reliable and trustworthy, he is excellent at helping with the gardening and repairs around the home.